>>Health Care High Potential Electrical Device with Heating Treatment

Health Care High Potential Electrical Device with Heating Treatment


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Do you have distress of different diseases everyday? It is too hard to sleep well, work normally with the pain. The new version device will have effective treatment for them.

  • Green Treatment/ Safety to Use
  • High Quality ABS, Original ABS Plastic Material
  • Multi-function, Improve Body Conditions
  • Warm Moxibustion Treatment
Power by Stripe


High-potential therapy device, which is made of advanced high-tech potential technology combined with traditional Chinese medicine essence, is a unique green physiotherapy, health and beauty instrument, which sets high potential, low potential, light wave, local treatment, beauty, etc. A variety of functions in one.

It creates an alternating high voltage electric field around the human body. Under the action of alternating electric field, all parts of the human body produce extremely fine vibrations, and the imbalance of various tissues and organs is fully adjusted. Each cell produces an alignment movement that is compatible with the current cycle, and the cohesion between cells tends to be moderate, and the liquid inside and outside the cell, Mainly mineral ions (potassium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium ions, etc.) in body fluids, redistributed according to normal values (ion effect).

With the increase of calcium ion concentration, the decrease of manganese ion and phosphorus ion, the activity of muscle and cardiomyocytes is improved, and the contraction is strong; the bone disease is improved, fatigue is eliminated, and energy is vigorous.


1. Complete functions
It is helpful to many kinds of diseases. insomnia/hypertension/varicose veins/constipation /muscle pain/prostate etc.

2. Intelligent control
You can control it by the remote. And it has positive/negative/if/intelligent four working modes to use.

3. Green treatment and no side effect
The machine adapts the high power voltage and micro current, simulating the electric field of nature, make your body in the in a natural electric field. It is proved that no side effect and physical treatment.

4. Easy operation:
It is convenient for you to use it in home. Easy to operate for the elder, it is suitable for you to buy one as a gift for your parents.

5. Warm moxibustion treatment
This device is the new version device, it has extra function of heating treatment for prostate problem. You will feel warm when you sit on the warm moxibustion pad.


1. Neurosis
2. Insomnia
3. Hypertension
4. Muscle pain
5. Prostate problem
6. Varicose veins
7. Constipation


Item Description
Power input AC 220V / 50Hz-60Hz
Power current 60VA
Energy field output 5000V/ 7000V /9000V
Sleep mode output – 5000V/ -7000 V/-9000 V
IF output 2800Vp-p
Default start time 30 minutes
Timing mode Sleep function is timing increase, other functions are timing decrease.
Timing range Sleep function maximum: 12 hours

Other function maximum: 90 minutes

Tune mode 10 minutes / file, increasing cycle
Ambient temperature 5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
Relative humidity ≤ 80%
Atmospheric pressure 860hPa ~ 1060hPa

How it Works

High-potential therapy device enhances cell viability and improves functional imbalance by adjusting cell potential; on the other hand, through the nerve receptors acting on lymphatic vessels and blood vessels, through the autonomic nerve, the central body is reflected to the local area, and the telangiectasia is expanded. The permeability of the blood vessel wall is enhanced.


1.Who is with Cardiac pacemaker/Heart stent can’t use it
2.Pregnant women should not use the device close to the womb.
3.Children under the age of 18 years should be treated with the supervision of an adult.


Shipping weight(GW): 17kg
Device weight(NW): 11kg
Package size: 375*305*520mm
What’s in the box: The high potential therapy machine 1pcs+Energy potential pad 1pcs+manual 1pcs+remote control 1pcs
Extra accessories: Energy potential pad, Energy potential sleeping pad, warm moxibustion pad.

Additional Information

Item Description
Brand Name BOSHI
Model Number BS-9001
Place of Origin Hubei, China
Certificate CE
MOQ 1 sample machine is acceptable, more quantities more discounts.
Payment Method T/T, Western Union, PayPal, Money Gram, Secure Payment.
Shipping Method DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx, EMS, by air, by sea as per your request.
Lead Time 7 days for samples, 25-50days for bulk quantities.
Shipping Time For DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx and EMS takes 7-15 days to your door, by post takes 25-40 days to your door. By air takes 7-15 days to the airport, by sea takes 15-45 days to the seaport.
Warranty  1 year warranty, 30-day money back guarantee.
Service OEM, ODM


1. How to use it with different working modes?2019-06-12T16:44:04+08:00

We suggest you use Positive potential mode in the morning, the negative potential mode in the afternoon.

2. What we need to notice when use pen handle releasing for pain relief?2019-06-12T16:45:14+08:00

The working mode should be Positive high potential mode when you use it.

3. What we should notice for safe to use it?2019-06-12T16:46:08+08:00

We suggest you should Insulation objection under your feet when you use it.

4. What is the main function of the warm moxibustion pad?2019-06-12T16:47:33+08:00

It is main for man prostate problems, when you use this mode, the pad will heat after about 10 minutes.

5. Does this device support more people enjoy the treatment at the same time?2019-06-12T16:48:42+08:00

Yes, the device support 6 persons enjoy the treatment simultaneously with same effect.

6. Can we use it in our country?2019-06-12T16:50:08+08:00

Yes, the input voltage of this device is 220V, If you use it in your country, you should buy a voltage converter to use it.

How to Use

Get PDF Product Manual →  BS-9001 High Electric Potential Therapeutic Instructment

How to use videos

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    Is the unit same working principle as Japanese brand model SE 14000or korean brand model max 12000.

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