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Disposable Protective Face Mask (50 pcs per box)


3ply Mask Effective Isolation Disposable Protective Face Mask

  • External: Waterproof Non-woven Fabric
  • Middle: Fused Non-woven Fabric
  • Internal: Skin-Cared Non-woven Fabric
Power by Stripe
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Product Name: Disposable Face Mask
Model: BS-M1
Specification: 175*95*50mm 50pcs/Box
Valid Time: 2 years
Application: Daily Protection
Standard: GB/T32610-2016
Certificate: CE, FDA
Production Date: Inside
Use Time: 4 hours/pcs
Manufacturer: Boshi Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.

Product Description

1. Three layers of protection, effective prevention of droplets, pathogens, pollen, etc.
2. This product is disposable, and the recommended use time is no more than 4 hours.
3. Children should be used under adult supervision.
4. Please store the product in a clean, hygienic, ventilated and dry environment.

Wearing Method

Step1: Fold the mask.
Step2: Put on a mask and wear comfortably. Press the nose clip lightly to make it close to the face.
Step3: Pull the lower end of mask to the lower jaw, and arrange around for protection.


1. This mask is a disposable mask, it is recommended to replace it for four hours of continuous wearing.
2. Use immediately after opening.
3. Cardiopulmonary dysfunction should be used with caution.


17.5*9.5*5cm, 50pcs/Box


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