>>Portable Home Use Mini IPL Hair Removal Device

Portable Home Use Mini IPL Hair Removal Device


Do you want the smooth skin without any body hair? Do you want to show the Bikini line when you at the beach? This one will solve all of the problems.

  • Permanent Hair Remove
  • Body Hair Remove & Skin Rejuvenation
  • Portable for Home Use
  • Painless for Hair Remove
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The principle of IPL hair removal is to use selective photothermal pyrolysis of a patented strong pulse light source to illuminate the normal epidermis without damage. It penetrates the skin and reaches the root of the hair follicle. The melanin in the hair shaft and hair follicle is absorbed and converted into heat energy. High hair follicle temperature, when the temperature rises high enough, the hair follicle structure undergoes irreversible damage, the damaged hair and hair follicles are removed through a natural physiological process, and other surrounding tissues are not damaged, thereby achieving painless hair removal.


1.Permanent hair remove
The device will achieve the hair remove permanently after you use it for 2 months with regular use.

2. Body hair remove & skin rejuvenation
It has two light head, one is for hair remove, another one is for Skin rejuvenation, the skin rejuvenation function will make your skin more smooth.

3. Portable for home use
It is small and portable with smart design, easy to use without any side effect.

4. Painless for hair remove
It is painless when you use this device,So you feel free use our products.

5. Smart design
The exterior of the device is designed by a Korean designer


1. Headline/cheek/lip
2. Back/oxter/chest/arm/abdomen
3. Bikini line/thigh/shank


Item Description
Type of light source Strong pulsed light
Color White
Power supply 110-220V 50/60 Hz  36W
Light-emission area 4.2 cm³
Control panel Convex button
Temperature 20-60℃
Relative humidity 20-90% without condensation of moisture
Atmospheric pressure 860hPa ~ 1060hPa

How it Works

Photon hair removal is the selective photothermolysis principle of strong pulsed light source to achieve hair removal. Photon hair removal is a gentle, non-invasive treatment of the laser inside, which uses the melanocytes in the hair follicle to absorb light in a specific band, causing the hair follicle to generate heat, thereby selectively destroying the hair follicle while avoiding damage to surrounding tissues to remove hair.


1. Please don’t use the IPL light towards the eyes
2.You can’t use the device for the area where has a mole
3.You should keep the device in a dry and ventilated place after you use it


Shipping weight: 1.5kg
Device weight(NW): 0.35kg
Package size: 229*191*93mm
What’s in the box: The IPL hair removal device 1pcs+adapts 3pcs+manual 1pcs+eyes protector 1pcs+light head 2pcs(Hair removal light head: 300000 flash times,Skin rejuvenation light head: 100000 flash times)

Additional Information

Item Description
Brand Name BOSHI
Model Number BS-T009
Place of Origin Hubei, China
Certificate CE
MOQ 1 sample machine is acceptable, more quantities more discounts.
Payment Method T/T, Western Union, PayPal, Money Gram, Secure Payment.
Shipping Method DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx, EMS, or as per your request.
Delivery Time Ships within 7 days, delivery estimate 5-15 days.
Warranty  1 year warranty, 30-day money back guarantee.
Service OEM, ODM


1. Is this device helpful to skin and acne?2019-06-14T15:42:47+08:00

Yes, this device has two IPL light head, it has acne treatment and skin rejuvenation function.

2. Could anyone use this device?2019-06-14T15:47:49+08:00

No, if your skin is black, you can’t use this device, because the principle of this device is by strong pulse to damage the hair follicle and control black pigment. It will hurt you if your skin is black.

3. Is it safety for us to use it?2019-06-14T15:48:37+08:00

Yes, it is painless for you to use it, it has different pulse levels. You will feel a little pain when you use the strongest strength.

4. Is it permanent to achieve hair remove?2019-06-14T15:49:19+08:00

Yes, you should use it with a regular time, after about 2 months, you will see the result of it.

5. What we should notice when use it?2019-06-14T15:50:06+08:00

You can’t use it to flash the skin area where has a mole.

6. What is the life time of the device IPL head?2019-06-14T15:50:47+08:00

The Hair remove light head: 30 0000 times flash

The skin rejuvenation light head: 10 0000 times flash

How to Use

Get PDF Product Manual →  BS-T009 IPL Hair Removal Device

How to use videos


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